About Austik

Austik has been manufacturing diecutting and laminating machinery for over 20 years. Most of our originally manufactured machines still operate today, due to their industrial construction and design. Designed by label converters - for label converters, all our equipment will re-register with a pre-printed web, laminate, diecut, slit, rewind, as well as produce blank labels.

Our equipment range covers all end users that require laminated label conversion, spanning from the occasional home or office user, to the small label converter, and medium to large label houses. All Austik label converting equipment is built by hand and designed to give the user many years of service with very little maintenance. Austik machines are user friendly, distinctively attractive and of a robust construction that is obvious on inspection yet rare these days.

Proudly manufactured in Australia, in our Melbourne premises, our machinery is in operation in many countries worldwide. In fact, most of our machines are sent overseas. The quality and reliability of our range is renowned. We take great pride in producing, the world’s finest range of re-registering, laminating, die-cutting label converting machinery.

With unique features that save you time in set-up, time in the printing/converting process, and huge savings in the cost of cutting dies over the long life of the equipment, Austik is the logical, economical choice, for your converting needs.